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:pointr: You must be a fan of the bond between Midna and Link (them as friends, as a romantic couple, and/or their relationship in general), and the characters themselves.

:pointr: Note the club so that we can add you to the members list.

All comments on the front page and/or on journals pertaining to joining will be ignored. We have many things to do as it already is, so please SEND A MESSAGE instead.

:pointr: Add twilight-romance to your Watch List.

:pointr: Please help us advertise our club to everyone that visits your DeviantART account! Show your support by simply posting this button ( :icontwilight-romance: ) that links directly back to us.

To post this code just type :icon twilight-romance: (without the space between "icon" and "twilight-romance").

:pointr: Lastly, have fun being a new Twilight-Romance member!



Your first and most important rule of all... is to read all the rules and to follow them! The rules are here to keep the club running smoothly. With your help, anything can be accomplished.

Respect is a very important factor when it comes to working well with others. Show others the respect they deserve, and you will get the same respect in return.

~The Members
It is each and every members responsibility to help keep this club a friendly place. We are here to work together, not against one another... so treat everyone with respect. We expect the best behavior.

~The Staff
Respect the staff member’s personal space (yes, we have lives too, you know) and do NOT hassle them unless it is completely necessary.

If you feel that a moderator is abusing his/her power in the club, please send a note to a different moderator with proof and explanation of the offence.

Every member has a right to their own opinions and is allowed to express their ideas. Feel free to share your opinions, but do not feel offended when people do not agree. Simply put, RESPECT others views.

Flaming and Bashing of other members will NOT be tolerated. The possibility of such an offense will result in your removal from the club (art and all). People come to the club to have fun, not to get their feelings trampled upon. Flaming and Bashing is immature, rude and disrespectful-- it should not be done on the club (nor anywhere else).

Remember, there are young kids who play the game as well-- be a good role model. There is to be NO sexual content on the club AT ALL. Swearing and things of the sort should also be kept to a minimum for the same reason.

Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages... yet another common thing among clubs. Please keep spam off the front page for it is considered as trash.

Just because "it's not in the rules" does not mean you can go around causing trouble. Moderators and Admins will take action to keep everything in order-- that means if you're causing trouble, you will be removed from the club. So don't cause trouble!

I cannot begin to stress the importance of READING ALL THE RULES. For rules broken, you will be redirected to read the rules again and again-- if the rules are broken excessively after many warnings, you can and will be removed from the club.

-- Most of these rules were taken from our home forum, Diamond in the Rough, which can be found here:…



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